Chester Wedding Videography

The Cheshire and Chester area with it’s surrounding towns of Macclesfield, Warrington, Winsford and Northwich, is a beautiful part of the Country and it’s not hard to see why many of the rich and famous choose to live in this part of England. Chester itself, is a lovely place to visit, full of Tudor style buildings and unique shopping for those keen on something a little bit different. It also hosts Chester Cathedral which is absolutely stunning inside and out. We love providing wedding videography here as it boasts excellent venues such as Peckforton Castle, Knowsley Hall, Thornton Manor and Capesthorne Hall. See our films below which show examples of our wedding videography in the Chester area.

Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle can only be described in one single word – stunning.

Situated in the woodland hills of Peckforton itself, driving towards this venue brings with it an extreme sense of excitement as you see the top of the Castle poking out from amongst the trees. It is easy to get carried away imagining your wedding taking place within in it’s vast halls and dining rooms and if you’re luck enough to experience a night there, you’ll easily be taken aback by how beautiful it’s guest rooms are. If you’re looking for a stunning wedding film with a bit of a Medieval twist, then this is the venue for you.

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